Support a Healthier Savannah With Me

by Ashley Randall




I am fundraising for Healthy Savannah to make Savannah the healthiest community in the country. I have biked, run, and walked almost every neighborhood in Savannah. It's a beautiful community, but it still has lots of room for improvement.

Did you know that in Chatham County 25% of children and 20% of adults report unreliable access to affordable, healthy food? Or that only 27% of Savannah has sidewalks? We know that the areas of greatest need for nutritious, affordable food and reliable transportation tend toward low-wealth African American neighborhoods. This has to change. We can do better.
Healthy Savannah is known for its big picture approach to change, like the Smoking Ordinance or helping to establish Tide to Town. Collaborating with many community organizations, it is making Savannah a healthier place to live. Still there's so much more they can do - and I'm asking you to make a donation to get me to my goal. Most of all, thank you!

Healthy Savannah aims to make the healthy choice the easy choice. We seek to improve lives through policy, systems, and environmental change. We are in the midst of a national awakening to the need for and lack of health and racial equity. Yet Healthy Savannah, through our community outreach, partnerships, and collaborations has been uniting our disparate and/or low-wealth neighborhoods and citizens to effect meaningful, sustainable change.

Through our collaborative coalition of 200 organizations, Healthy Savannah has been the leading convener on big picture issues and policy change - like the Smoke-free Air Ordinance & the Tide to Town urban trail system. Our work & membership reach deep into the under-served & under-funded areas of the City, but still more can be done.

Today we ask for your help to build a permanent Culture of Health. 

With health at the forefront of our minds, Healthy Savannah is pursuing opportunities for citizens like you to engage and interact with our mission and vision. As a partner in our progress, we - collectively - can use our voices, our networks, and our funds to implement right and  meaningful change for all Savannahians.

Please make a gift to support us today. When you do, your gift will be reflected in our future work, for the enjoyment of current and future generations.